What is Hyper Automation?

What is Hyperautomation?

Introduction Technology Trends for 2021 and beyond are Hyper automation in which organizations use a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to identify and automate all possible business processes. It is a comprehensive end on automation using the power of many technologies. Those technologies are including; Robot Process Automation (RPA), Process Mining, … Read more

Industry 4.0 and Kodak

Industry 4.0 and Kodak

In 1985 Kodak had 90 percent market share of global camera film and 80 percent market share of film based cameras. These photographs show Kodak invented the digital camera – in 1975 Kodak digital camera used a TDK cassette to record digital images and then play those images on a black & white TV.

What Are Containers in Linux?

What Are Linux Containers?

Fresh containers started in the Linux world. They are the product of a huge amount of work from an extensive range of people over a long period of time. Google Inc. is just its one instance. It has backed numerous container-related technologies to the Linux kernel. We will not have current containers today deprived of these, and other contributions.

The Graphical Model in Machine Learning

The Graphical Model in Machine Learning

Introduction The Graphical model is a subdivision of Machine Learning. It uses a graph to signify a domain problem. A graph states the conditional need structure between random variables. These are being used in many Machine Learning algorithms. For example; Naive Bayes’ algorithm The Hidden Markov Model Restricted Boltzmann machine Neural Networks In this article, … Read more

Hydrocarbons and Their Uses in Industrial Manufacturing

Hydrocarbons And Their Uses In Industrial Manufacturing

A hydrocarbon is an organic compound. It consists of carbon and hydrogen only. The presence of any atom other than carbon and hydrogen prohibits the compound from being measured as a hydrocarbon.