What is Storage Virtualization?

Introduction Storage virtualization is the combination of physical storage from various storage devices into what seems to be a single storage device. In other words, we can say that pool of available storage capacity is accomplished from a central console. This technology trusts software to categorize open storage capacity from physical devices. Then combined that […]

Support Vector Machine (SVM) Algorithm

Introduction Support Vector Machine (SVM) is a supervised machine learning algorithm. These are a set of supervised learning methods used for classification, regression, and outliers detection. But, it is generally used in classification problems. We plot each data item as a point in n-dimensional space in the SVM algorithm. Where n is a number of […]

What Are Stable coins?

Introduction A stable coin is a digital asset that objectives to uphold the same value as a stable asset. The US dollar has been the most public asset up to the present time. Stable coins are playing an important role in crypto currency markets. The notion behind stable coins is to associate the technical competences […]

Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) Filter Technology

Introduction Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) filters show vital roles in wireless devices and infrastructure. They make sure separation between the ever-developing number of frequency bands and deal low insertion loss to support device routine supplies. Though, the worldwide rollout of 5G, and the development of other wireless standards for example Wi-Fi, generate new filtering challenges […]

What Is Tokenomics?

Introduction Tokenomics is the DeFi-detailed study of choice under insufficiency. The aim of tokenomic study is to recognize the potential value of a DeFi project by bearing in mind all features of a token’s creation and management with its supply, allocation, and distribution. Tokenomics has an important influence on the value of every crypto currency, […]

Microprocessors Evolution

Introduction The microprocessor is a CPU that built on a single Integrated Circuit (IC). It is a necessary component of the computer. It is a silicon chip that includes millions of transistors and many other electronic components that process millions of commands per second. A Microprocessor is a multipurpose chip that is joint with memory. […]

Automated Machine Learning

Introduction Automated machine learning is the practice of automating the inefficient, iterative jobs of machine learning model development. It is also stated as automated ML or AutoML. It permits data scientists, specialists, and developers to construct ML models with great scale, competence, and productivity all while filling model quality. Old-style machine learning model development is […]

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