String indexing and Slicing in Python

Introduction The Python string data type is a sequence made up of one or further individual characters that could correspond to letters, figures, whitespace characters, or symbols. As the string is a sequence, it can be penetrated in the same ways that other sequence-grounded data types are, through indexing and slicing. Indexing Indexing means pertaining to an element of an iterable by its position within the iterable. Each of a string’s characters corresponds to an indicator number and each character can be penetrated using their indicator number. We can pierce characters in a String in Two ways Penetrating Characters by Positive Indicator Number Penetrating Characters by Negative Indicator Number 1. Penetrating Characters by Positive Indicator Number In this type of Indexing, we pass a Positive indicator (which we want to pierce) in square classes. The indicator number starts from indicator number 0 (which denotes […]

Wallet Technology Overview

Introduction Ethereum wallet may be a key chain containing pairs of personal and public keys, Ethereum wallet doesn’t contain ether or tokens. From these keys, they control the ether or tokens. Users sign transactions with the private keys, thereby proving they own the ether. The ether is stored on the blockchain. Importance of a Digital Wallet […]

Public Key Cryptography and Cryptocurrency

What is Cryptography? It’s the study of techniques for secure communication within the presence of third parties called adversaries. In simple words, it’s about constructing and analyzing protocols to preventing third parties from reading private messages. Current cryptography is especially supported by mathematical theory and computing practice. What is Cryptocurrency? It’s a digital asset designed […]

Addresses and Keys

Addresses One of Ethereum’s foundational technologies is cryptography. There are two sorts of Accounts. Externally owned Accounts (EOA) Contract Account Ownership of ether by EOA is established through Digital private keys. Ethereum addresses, and Digital signatures An externally owned account can send messages to other externally owned accounts OR to other contract accounts by creating […]

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