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Some good starter Wallets

Some good starter Wallets

Some good starter Wallets

Bit coin wallet

A wallet stores the knowledge necessary to transact but coins.

Types of wallets are:

Bit coin OT,Multi Bit,Armony,Electrum
Bit coin Wallet,Mycelium,Blockchain,coin base
Coin base,Blockchain
Paper wallet
Hardware wallet
Bit coin client soft wares
Reference client(Bit coin Core)
Contains a wallet,Miner,full block chain data base,and network routing node on the bit coin P2P network.

2. Full Blockchain Node

Contains a full Block chain data base, and network routing node on the bit coin P2P network.

3. Lightweight(SPV) wallet

Contains a wallet and a network node on the bit coin P2P protocol, without a blockchain

Bit coin Address

Bit coin address generated by wallet isn't known to bit coin network neither is it registered with any bit coin system.
Bit coin address is just variety that corresponds to a key that you simply can use to regulate access to the funds.
Until the instant this address is referenced because the recipient useful during a transaction posted on the bit coin ledger,the bit coin address is just a part of the vast number of possible addresses that are valid bit coin.
Once address has been related to a transaction,it becomes a part of the known address within the network.

Meta Mask

  • Browser extension wallet that runs in your browser.
  • It is easy to use and convenient for testing.
  • As it is able to connect to a variety of Ethereum nodes and test blockchains.
  • Meta Mask is a web based wallet.


  • Multi platform and multi currency wallet that runs on a variety of operating systems.
  • It is often a good choice for new users as it is designed for simplicity and ease of use.
  • Jaxx is either a mobile or desktop wallet.

MyEther Wallet(MEW)

  • Web based wallet that runs in any browser.

Emerald Wallet

  • It's an open source desktop application.
  • It can run a full node and connect to public remote node, working in light mode.
  • It also has a companion tool to do all operations from the command line.

Getting Started with MetaMask

  • Open the Google Chrome browser and navigate to
  • Search for "Meta Mask" and click on the logo of a fox.
  • It's important to verify that you are downloading the real MetaMask extension, as sometimes people are able to sneak malicious extensions pas Google's filters. The real one:
  • Shows the ID nkbihfbeogaeaoehlefnkodbefgpgknn in the address bar is offered by
  • Once you confirm you are looking at the correct extension,click "Add to Chrome" to install it.

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