Ethereum currency unit and Wallets

 Ethereum currency unit and Wallets

Ethereum currency unit and Wallets


  • Ethereum’s currency unit is named ether.
  • It identified as “ETH” or with the symbol ≊(From the greek letter “XI” or, less often,🔷.
  • For example: 1 ether,or 1 ETH, ≊ or 🔷1.
  • Ether smallest unit = WEI
  • Ether is subdivided into smaller units wei.
  • One ether is 1 quin trillion wei (10 18 or 1000,000,00000,000,0000)
  • Ethereum may be a system,ether may be a currency.
  • When you transact 1 ether,the transaction encodes 1000,000,000,000,000,000 wei because the value.

Ethereum wallets

Types of Wallets

  • Mobile Wallets,
  • Desktop Wallet,and
  • Web based wallet,

Generally the foremost popular a wallet application is, the more trust worthy it’s likely to be.

  • It is good practice to avoid “putting all your egss in one basket” and have your Ethereum accounts spread across a few of wallets.

Current scenario

  • Ethereum is currently developing and getting to implement a series of upgrades called Ethereum 2.0.
  • Current specifications for Ethereum 2.0 include a transition to proof of stake and a rise in transaction throughput using sharding technology.
  • Open source development is currently underway for a serious upgrade to the Ethereum platform, referred to as Ethereum 2.0, or Eth2.
  • The main purpose of the upgrade is to extend transaction throughput for the network, from the present of about 15 transactions per second to up to tens of thousands of transactions per second.
  • The increase in throughput is achieved by splitting up the work load into many block chains running in parallel then having all of them share a standard consensus, in order that to maliciously tamper with one chain would require that one tamper with the common consensus, which might cost the attacker much more money than they might ever gain from the attack.

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