What is Rust Variable Scope?

 Introduction Rust could also be a programming language targeting performance and safety. It doesn’t use garbage collection, unlike other programming languages. Rust gives deterministic management of resources, with very low overhead. It’s prepared to be a language for highly coexisting and highly safe systems. Each variable features a scope in Rust that starts where the […]

What is Python List?

DESCRIPTION In Python, an inventory may be mutable, which means the values that it contains are often modified.  An inventory may be a variable that will have a sequence of values assigned thereto during a list, these values are referred to as elements or members.  It’s a collection that is ordered, changeable, and allows duplicate […]

Smart Contract Misconceptions

Smart Contract Misconceptions Whenever gentleman and smart people hear the term “smart contracts”, their imaginations tend to run wild.  A sensible contract is simply a flowery name for code that runs on a blockchain and interacts thereupon with block chain’s state.  A sensible contract maybe a piece of code that’s stored on a blockchain, triggered by blockchain […]

Kubernetes in practice

Annotations Kubernetes provide us annotation feature with labels. Annotations are basically words that explanations or comment on something. For example, annotation can be used to write the creator’s name or contact or about the application is running. Labels are meant to hold limited information whereas we can have larger annotation with any resource. Annotations are […]

What is Deep Learning?

Deep Learning With representation learning, Deep learning must be a major part of machine learning methods supported by artificial neural networks. It’s a category of machine learning algorithms and a sub-set of machine learning. Deep learning models are supported by artificial neural networks (ANN). Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) are computing systems. It’s supported a set […]

What is Artificial Narrow Intelligence?

There are two sorts of AI. ANI (Artificial Narrow Intelligence): There’s a lot of progress in Artificial Narrow Intelligence like smart speakers, self-driving cars, AI to try to web search, and AI application in farming and factory.The quick progress in ANI has caused people to conclude that there is tons of progress in AI, which is true.But that has […]

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