Deploying Data Centers under the Ocean bottom

Deploying Data Centers under the Ocean bottom


Data centers generate a lot of heat from servers which needs a lot of energy for cooling. By installing data centers under the sea ~ cooling costs go down by 99 % as sea floor temperature remains constant over a time line of 12 months. Microsoft’s Project Natick team arranged the Northern Isles datacenter 117 feet deep to the seafloor in spring 2018. Team members tested and monitored the presentation and reliability of the datacenter’s servers for succeeding two years. The team imagined that a closed container on the ocean bottom can deliver methods to improve the overall dependability of datacenters.

Concept of Data Centers

The underwater datacenter concept marked onto the scene at Microsoft in 2014. This concept emerged on an occasion, Think Week that gathers employees to share out-of-the-box ideas. The concept was reflected a likely thanks to deliver speedy cloud services to coastal inhabitants and save energy. Within 120 miles of the coast, lives more than half the world’s population. Data will have a short-lived distance to travel by placing datacenters underwater near coastal cities. That is resulting in fast and smooth web surfing, video streaming and game playing.

The Northern Isles

This datacenter was manufactured by Naval Group. It’s subsidiary Naval Energies, specialists in naval protection and marine renewable energy. This was deployed at the ecu Marine Energy Centre. It is a test site for tidal turbines and wave energy converters.

The deployment of the Northern Isles underwater datacenter required following things:

  • Unusually calm seas
  • A choreographed dance of robots
  • Pulleys that played out between the platforms of a scaffold barge.

The process acquired a full day on each end. The Northern Isles was shiny white when deployed the project.

Data collection and Power wash

The Green Marine team has power washed the water-tight steel tube. This tube has covered the Northern Isles’ 864 servers. This is connected cooling system group. The investigators formerly introduced test tubes over a valve at the highest of the vessel to collect air samples for analysis at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington.

Drive, excess and water

According to the investigators, how to make datacenters use energy more sustainably?

The grid there is supplied 100% by wind and solar as well as new green energy technologies under progress at the European Marine Energy Centre. Additional sustainability connected profits can comprise removing the need to use replacement parts. All servers would be exchanged out about once every five years in a lights-out datacenter. The high dependability of the servers means that the few which be unsuccessful initial are simply taken offline. Datacenters may be operated and kept cool without beating freshwater means that are vital to individuals, agriculture and wildlife.

How to increase underwater datacenters?

It might need connecting together a dozen or more vessels the size of the Northern Isles to power the full suite of Microsoft Azure cloud services.

We are nearsighted more and more need to have smaller datacenters located closer to consumers instead of these large warehouse datacenters out in the middle of nowhere.

Looks like Science Fiction

The technology required to totally water proof the data center, withstand hydrostatic pressure, supply electrical power and install optic fiber cables under the sea looks like science fiction. I am sharing below link of video in this post.

This video shows Microsoft deploying data centers under the sea. These are really amazing technologies of industry 4.0.


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