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Emerson Wi-Fi Technologies

Emerson Wi-Fi Technologies


American multinational corporation, Emerson Electric located in Ferguson, Missouri, United States. The company manufactures products that offer engineering services. Those engineering services are for a wide range of industrial, commercial, and consumer markets. Emerson has about 88,000 employees. The Company has approximately 205 manufacturing locations worldwide.

Industrial Wireless Networks

Emerson’s wireless infrastructure may intensely impact plant operations. Its wireless instrumentation can dramatically influence plant operations by massively improving the visibility across facility. These solutions flawlessly assimilate wireless technologies with current wired networks to provide a comprehensive and open-standard network. We can digitally transform our facility with wireless architecture. The wireless system is easy-to-use, safe, trustworthy, and engineered to improve workforce productivity and plant management.

Flexible Solution

The Emerson Wireless Gateway portfolio delivers users customizable networks. It also offers flexible installation options when creating a wireless field network to fit the needs of the application. Following are site requirements:

  • Regulate the size of the field network
  • Choose form of data transformation
  • Installation method of Gateway
  • Location of Smart antenna

Networks of wireless plant

Emerson’s leading platform for wireless LAN planning, management, mobility services and communication is at Cisco’s DNA center. The DNS center too oversees wireless LAN controllers. These controllers are answerable for network-wide wireless functions. Those functions are included security policies, interruption deterrence, RF management and movement.

Wireless planning tools

We can upload an aerial image of our facility with the Wireless Planning Tool. We may also design a wireless network. Formerly check the network against industry finest practices. The Emerson Wireless 1552WU Gateway attaches Wireless HART® self-organizing networks to any host system. This joined with integrated Wi-Fi backhaul for security, scalability and data reliability. We can speedily enable Wi-Fi solutions that improve output, security and working efficiency with this simple and cheap solution.

Wireless Mobile Workforce

One planned solution presented by Emerson’s is Smart Wireless Mobile Workforce. This solution has given the Emerson Process Management’s PlantWeb® applications in the hands of field personnel. Emerson delivers a fully safe, trustworthy Wi-Fi message link in any location of our plant that we select to deliver hot spot access to our business applications and processes.


  • This permits field workers to resolve operation problems. These operational problems are abundant faster with real-time, ironic information from controller & asset-management systems.
  • Authorizes field workers by giving them entrance to live process data though they are in the process area.
  • Provides field workers admission to electronic work order instructions and standard operating procedures.
  • Using AES 128-bit encryption fully safe communications on the Wireless Plant Network.
  • Delivers full day support for customers who have bought and organized a mobile workforce solution from Emerson.

Wireless Plant Network Services

With our plant network applications, Emerson’s Wireless Plant Network Service deals complete options to help us get started.

Service Details

Since the receipt of IEEE 802.11 as the standard in the process industry, Emerson has been providing wireless products and solutions in plant environments. Their experience has established the position and benefits of using wireless local area network (WLAN) technology in manufacturing and processing plants. For providing Wi-Fi coverage, Emerson’s Smart Wireless architecture uses rocky wireless access points from Cisco.

Prime Infrastructure of Cisco lets us to control, design, and monitor enterprise wireless networks from a lone location. It supervises a sequence of wireless LAN controllers that are responsible for Network wide wireless functions. Cisco Prime itself;

  • Eases load balancing
  • Traffic management
  • Policy provisioning
  • Network optimization
  • Troubleshooting
  • User tracking
  • Monitoring for end-to-end security

Emerson wide-ranging service offerings would help us get started with plant network applications. The Wireless Plant Network service portfolio comprises:

  • Site Review
  • Network Preparation and Strategy
  • Network connection and Commissioning
  • Request Application
  • Network Provision and Organization
  • Development Executive

Industry 4.0 and Emerson

Today, I am sharing below video link Emerson Wi-Fi Technologies for Industrial Manufacturing Plants for Gathering Real Time Data.

This video shows latest technologies for installing Wi-Fi sensors in hard to reach locations in industrial manufacturing plants. Locations where cables are difficult to install – Wi-Fi sensors can be easily installed.

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