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Fully Automated SSI Schafer Technology


Today, I am going to share the below link of the Intro Video of SSI Schafer group Germany for readers in this post: https://youtube/wdRMHPNzA30. This company has very developed and advanced technologies & expertise viz-a-vis material handling & transport systems. The video shows the latest research in robotics & AI technologies. Such Industry 4.0 technologies are now a must to face global competition.

Introduction: Schaefer Group

There are three international and independent companies operational in Schaefer Group. These companies have been offering fully automated technologies.

  1. SSI SCHAEFER – Fritz Schaefer GmbH

Fritz Schaefer began a small company in his garage in 1937. They produced a range of sheet metal products. The company was capable to enlarge its business, after transferring to the sequential production of transport boxes and containers. The company accepted SSI Schaefer Noell GmbH (Giebelstadt) in 2000. That was a dealer of solutions for intra-logistics. The provider of order picking technology, SSI Schaefer Peem GmbH was developed in 200. Lastly, SSI Schaefer acquired Salomon Automation GmbH in 2008, to add logistics software to the portfolio.


SSI Schaefer GmbH range of products can be divided into 5 groups:

  • Logistics software: software to control and monitor warehouse operations
  • Storage and conveyor technology: High rise racking; platforms; storage and retrieval devices, boxes and containers
  • Workstation systems: office-, workshop and business equipment
  • Logistics systems: automated storage, conveying, and picking system
  • Waste management: waste containers; waste disposal solutions
  1. Schaefer Werke GmbH​

The Pfannenberg GmbH was established by the sons of Fritz that started producing workbenches. The company was renamed Schäfer Werke KG. It started production radiators and boilers. The company developed and manufactured workbenches, cabinets, and different workplace equipment. Nowadays, server cabinets and network racks type IT-system equipment are being produced.

A polyurethane-covered keg was developed in the next of a crisis in 1978 to heating technology. The range of products was more widened by the perforated plates.

The deals of heating products pointed in 1994. The extra facility was recognized in Ledec nad Sázavou in the Czech Republic in 1995. The company set up a fourth facility in Dresden in 2002. The company decided to sell the whole heating division to the Turkish company Demir Döküm in 2005.


Following product, groups are with their product lines & the manufacturing facility.

  • Canister systems: polyurethane-covered / stainless steel (Pfannenberg), (Sudex), Kegs
  • Container systems: Containers for industry and chemicals; foodstuff containers; IBC-containers
  • Perforated plates : perforated metallic sheets coils; (Pfannenberg)
  • Equipment systems: Cabinets; workbenches; workstation solutions (Betzdorf)
  • IT-Systems: Network racks and cabinets (Betzdorf)
  1. EMW Eisen- und Metallhandel GmbH​

EMW was recognized in 1952. The Company is well-known for the production of thin sheets in the form of coils, slit strips, and trimmed wide strips. These are always available for delivery in 45,000 m² of temperature-controlled storage space. They provide just-in-time deliveries due to tons of input material stocks an enormous grade variety.

Product range

  • Hot-rolled thin sheet
  • Cold-rolled thin sheet
  • Electronically galvanized thin sheet
  • Hot-dip galvanized thin sheet
  • Hot-dip aluminized sheet
  • Plastic or organic coating
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