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How Industry 4.0 Technologies Are Deployed?

 How Industry 4.0 Technologies Are Deployed?

Deployment of industry 4.0 technologies is extremely wonderful and amazing. Today, I am sharing a YouTube video URL : This video shows ABB digital factory visualization – how Industry 4.0 technologies are deployed in a modern digital plant to streamline manufacturing processes.

ABB Group Introduction

Operating primarily in robotics, heavy electrical equipment, power, and automation technology zone, ABB is a Swedish-Swiss multinational corporation. It’s headquartered is in Zurich, Switzerland. This was Switzerland’s biggest industrial employer.


  • Founded:                                                                   1988
  • Headquarters:                                                           Z├╝rich, Switzerland
  • Area served:                                                              Worldwide
  • Products:                                                                   Power, Automation
  • Robotics business started:                                        1989
  • Number of employees:                                              144,400 (2019)

Products and Innovations

Azipod, a family of electric propulsion systems was launched by ABB in 1990. That was spreads below the bodies of large ships. It provides both thrust and steering functions.

ABB hurled in 1988, the FlexPicker, a robot using a three-armed delta design. That is exclusively right to the picking and packing industry. The world’s first commercial shore-to-ship electric power was brought to market by ABB in 2000. It supplies electricity to berthed ships from the shore allows vessels to blackout their engines whereas in port. It considerably reduces noise, vibrations, and carbon emissions. The Extended Automation System 800xA was launched by ABB in 2004. This was an industrial system for the process industries. Nowadays, the company is the worldwide market leader in distributed control systems. ABB revealed a cooperative industrial robot, YuMi in 2014.

This is an innovative, dual-arm assembly robot. Solving new possibilities for automation in a range of industries, allows people and machines to work together. The Terra High Power charger for electric vehicles was unveiled by ABB in 2018. It is accomplished by sending sufficient to charge in eight minutes to allow an electric car to travel 200 kilometers.

Electrification​ Business

Products and services from the substation to the socket are being offered by ABB. Consumers embrace an extensive variety of industry and utility operations. Additionally, include the marketable and housing buildings. The business has the robust experience to a variety of fast-growing segments. Those are including renewables, e-mobility, data centers, and smart buildings. Below are diversified areas of business.

  • Electric vehicle infrastructure
  • Solar inverters
  • Modular substations
  • Distribution automation
  • Products to protect people
  • Installations and electronic equipment from electrical overload for example enclosures, cable systems, and low-voltage circuit breakers
  • Control products, switches, wiring accessories, and measuring &sensing devices.
  • Systems of KNX that assimilate and automate a building's electrical installations
  • Ventilation systems
  • Security and data communication networks.


Motion business of ABB delivers a range of things like;

  • Electrical motors
  • Generators
  • Drives and services
  • Integrated digital power train solutions.

Motion is the Number-1 player in the market internationally.

Discrete Automation and Robotics

Discrete Automation and Robotic business of ABB associates machine and factory automation systems. This is mostly with complete robotics concepts and applications suite acquired from B&R by ABB in 2017. ABB installed over 300,000 robots worldwide.

Industrial automation​

The Industrial Automation business makes available a variety of services for process and hybrid industries. Those services are with its industry-specific combined automation, electrification, and digital services. Also provides the control technologies, software, and advanced services, in addition to measurement & analytics, marine, and turbocharging aids.


For digital solutions in mission-critical applications and industries, ABB offers the defense-in-depth security required. ABB connected 70 million devices that have been working for customers around the world. All from controller hardware to RAP software is intended to safeguard optimized, uninterrupted operation. As concerned the data, ABB Ability™ is collaborated with Microsoft Azure to offer customers access to an enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure to securely store their data. It also delivers the functions and protocols to protect customer IP. ABB revolutionizes digital security through its Group Cyber Security Council. That contributes to standardization energies for example Platform Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet Consortium. It likewise works with lots of universities and brings together leading minds annually for its Global Technology Forum.

Power Grids​Business

The Power Grids business deals with mechanisms for the transmission and distribution of electricity. That is joined ABB's industrial network for the following;

  • Transformer
  • Switchgear
  • Circuit breakers
  • Associated high voltage equipment. (for example digital protective)
  • Maintenance services

ABB's high voltage direct current systems section in India has joined hands with Hitachi in 2020. ABB and Hitachi Ltd. proclaimed that Hitachi would take over ABB's power grid business for about $6.4 billion in December 2018.


In 1989, ABB group has entered the heavy rail rolling stock manufacturing market.

Performance improvement

ABB has a suitable engineering and consulting option to provide assistance to improve the reliability, availability, maintainability, and safety of equipment and processes. They can count on us to keep our equipment, machines, and systems operating reliably and efficiently. They may help us the most from industry-specific advanced services and IT tools. They also deliver allowances, promotions and assist to apply new solutions and the latest technology in an innovative way.

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