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What is MetaMask Wallet?

 What is MetaMask Wallet?


MetaMask is a lightweight software cryptocurrency wallet. It is used to interrelate with the Ethereum block chain. It may be used on Chrome, Firefox and Brave browsers. This is wallet that aids in sending and receiving Ether. It permits users to store and manage account keys, tokens, and securely link to decentralized applications via a well-matched web browser. MetaMask may be downloaded from https://metamask io/.

History and Development

  • MetaMask was shaped in 2016.
  • Block chain software company ConsenSys created MetaMask.
  • MetaMask initiated releasing mobile app versions in starting 2019. It was for closed beta testing.
  • It was observed by their official public announcement for iOS and Android in September 2020.
  • By way of of September 2020, MetaMask's browser extension had about 400,000 users, according to Bloomberg News.

How does MetaMask work?

The wallet works with JavaScript by adding a web3 object into the website page we are on. Always keep in mind that this does not change the website in any way. In its place, it only enhances a functionality that makes it possible to access the Ethereum platform.

How to Set Up MetaMask on Computer?

Make sure that computer has a Brave, Firefox or Chrome browser prior to set up and start using MetaMask. These are free browsers we can download with comfort. Following is the process of setting up the wallet.

  • Open the MetaMask homepage to add the extension on the browser we will be using.
  • A MetaMask icon will appear on the browser instantly. Click on the icon to open the application.
  • Make a new wallet and set a strong password.
  • MetaMask will show a 12-word seed phrase after setting the password. This is very critical as it would be wanted in the event that we lose our password. We can copy the seed or save it as a file.
  • The wallet is set, and we may now start using it to receive and send supported digital tokens.

How to use MetaMask to Buy and Send Tokens?

  • We only need to click "Buy" on the MetaMask interface.
  • To fund the account, select one of the integrated exchanges, ShapeShift or Coinbase.
  • The tokens we want to buy would come from sellers on the ShapeShift or Coinbase exchange yet we are on MetaMask.
  • Just click "Send" and enter the public address of the recipient to send tokens from MetaMask.
  • Ensure that we also have enough tokens in our wallet to send and meet the transaction fee.
  • Approve the transaction details and accept.

MetaMask pros and cons



  • There is a bigger risk of being hacked than with other type of wallets, for example hardware wallets, equally an online wallet.
  • Most browsers for example Chrome gather user info that could compromise privacy.
  • The main inadequacy of the wallet is that it is a web-based wallet.
  • It is worthwhile to only use the wallet to store a small amount of crypto coins to stay safe.
  • We could reflect it the store for tokens to buy products for instance DApps on the Ethereum block chain.
  • Do not hesitate to use MetaMask if new to Ethereum.
  • Only use it with great caution. Remember to all the time keeping the computer, browser, and MetaMask informed for improved security.

Breaking changes

MetaMask will stop adding window.web3 and make the following breaking changes to our window ethereum API:

  • End the 0-padding eth_chainId return values.
  • Halt producing the chainIdChanged event, and in its place only emit chainChanged.
  • Eliminate ethereum.publicConfigStore.
  • Get rid of the Enabled experimental method.
  • Remove the Approved experimental method.

We’re good to go, if we do not use any of the features that are being removed as part of this update.

Security updates

It’s a significant update that SES lock down is now in production. This will continue to keep MetaMask users safe in the long run. Transaction management has been improved, therefore, we can transact more reasonably, quickly and consistently. Progressive gas estimation API has also been launched to crush first inside Swaps feature, and then for all Meta Mask transactions.

This API totals multiple gas approximation services to deliver the best gas estimations. This application transports more consistency and steadiness to gas prices in MetaMask.

What’s new in MetaMask Mobile?

  • The browser is more secure than ever.
  • Web3 addition to iframes will be temporarily disabled due to limitations with the web view implementation.
  • Therefore, dapps that run inside iframes, or rely on this functionality, may not work. This makes using web3 sites in the MetaMask mobile browser more secure.

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