Solidity Exception And Error Handling

Introduction Writing contracts is that the fundamental purpose of Solidity. However, writing a contract demands sound error and exception handling. Errors and exceptions are the norms in programming and Solidity provides ample infrastructure for managing both. Writing robust contracts with proper error and exception management is one of the highest best practices. Events are another important construct in Solidity. […]

Supervised Learning Algorithms

 Introduction Supervised learning algorithms are, roughly speaking, learning algorithms that learn to associate some input with some output, given a training set of samples of inputs x and outputs y. In different cases, the outputs y could also be difficult to gather automatically and must be provided by a person’s “supervisor,” but the term still applies even when the training set targets were […]

Blockchain Group Consensus

Description A critical concept to be conversant in the blockchain is that of group consensus. this is often an easy concept which states that there are no thanks to knowing, with none room for doubt, what absolutely the truth is. Therefore, we assume the reality to be regardless of what the majority of participants agree on. an excellent example of this is a detective working to unravel a criminal offense. Imagine that we are that detective. at some point, the police chief asks us to research a […]

TensorFlow visualization framework

Introduction To do good research or develop good models, we need rich, frequent feedback about what’s going on inside our models during our experiments. That’s the point of running experiments: to get information about how well a model performs—as much information as possible. Making progress is an iterative process or loop: we start with an […]

Ethereum High-Level Languages

Introduction The EVM is a virtual machine that runs a special sort of code called EVM bytecode, analogous to our computer’s CPU, which runs machine language like x86_64. Though it’s possible to program smart contracts directly in bytecode, EVM bytecode is quite unwieldy and really difficult for programmers to read and understand. Instead, most Ethereum […]

Elliptic-curve cryptography

Introduction An approach to public-key cryptography that maintained the algebraic arrangement of elliptic curves over finite fields is named (ECC) Elliptic-curve cryptography. ECC permits smaller keys associated with non-EC cryptography to supply equal security. Elliptic curves are appropriate for key agreement, pseudo-random generators, digital signatures, and other tasks. they might be used for encryption by uniting the key agreement with the asymmetric encryption […]

Industry 4.0-Biggest Fridge in Europe

Cool warehouses and cold storage Cold storage preserves agricultural products. Keeping cold storage helps in eradicating sprouting, decomposing, and bug damage. Edible products are generally not stored for quite one year. Numerous fresh products need a storage temperature as low as −25 °C. Cold storage provides services to steady market prices and regularly allocates goods […]

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