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Industry 4.0-ABB Ability IOT Sensor for Bearings


ABB Ltd previously ASEA Brown Boveri, is a Swedish-Swiss multinational corporation headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. It is mainly operating in robotics, heavy electrical equipment, power, and automation technology areas. It is graded 341st in the Fortune Global 500 list of 2018. It remained a global Fortune 500 company for 24 years. ABB was Switzerland’s largest industrial employer till the sale of its electricity division in 2020. ABB is dealt on the SIX Swiss Exchange in Nasdaq Stockholm, Zurich, and the New York Stock Exchange in the United States.

Key Product launches and innovations

ABB launched Azipod in 1990. That is a family of electric propulsion systems. It ranges under the bodies of large ships. It provides both thurst and steering functions. This is industrialized incorporation with Finnish shipbuilder Masa-Yards. Azipod had confirmed the viability of hybrid-electric power in seagoing vessels. It is also increasing maneuverability, fuel efficiency, and space efficiency.

ABB propelled the FlexPicker in 1998. This is a robot using a three-armed delta design exclusively right to the picking and packing industry.

The world’s first commercial, high-voltage, shore-to-ship electric power was brought to market by ABB in 2000. It was brought to the Swedish port of Gothenburg. It provides electricity to berthed ships from the shore allows vessels to shut down their engines through in port, meaningfully reducing noise, vibrations, and carbon emissions.

The extended Automation System 800xA was launched by ABB in 2004. It is an industrial system for the process industries. The Company is the worldwide market leader in distributed control systems nowadays.

A cooperative industrial robot, YuMi was disclosed by ABB in 2014. The innovative, dual-arm assembly robot allows people and machines to work side by side, answering new potential for automation in a range of industries.

In 2018, ABB revealed the Terra High Power charger for electric vehicles. That is accomplished by bringing sufficient charge in eight minutes to enable an electric car to travel 200 kilometers.

Robotics and Distinct Automation

ABB’s business of Robotics & Discrete Automation associates machine and factory automation systems. That is mainly from B & R that ABB attained in 2017 by a wide-ranging robotics concepts and applications suit. Internationally, ABB has installed over 300,000 robots. The Robotics & Discrete Automation business has been placed to seizure the chances related with the factory of the future, with provided that services for flexible manufacturing and smart machinery.

Process Automation

The Process Automation business area delivers a variety of services for process and hybrid industries. It includes its industry-specific integrated automation, digital services, and electrification & control technologies. As well as software and advanced services, measurement & analytics, marine, and turbocharging offerings.

ABB Ability IoT Sensor for Bearings

ABB Ability Smart Sensor for mounted bearings enables real-time health checks of bearings. The smart sensor technology provides an early indicator of any potential problems by assessing the condition of bearings including vibration & temperature data. This helps to prevent downtime & plan scheduled maintenance time. ABB took three years to develop this sensor- which is a combination of hardware, software, and firmware, cloud computing & cybersecurity technologies.

ABB Ability Smart Sensor for mounted bearings uses the latest AI algorithms to assess, manage & ensure the performance of the bearing. The bearings 80% failures are lubrication related— and a bearing that is running hot can indicate that proper lubrication procedures are not in place.

ABB smart sensor easily mounts to the bearing & communicates wirelessly via a smartphone or tablet device. This technology keeps employees safe-enabling easy access to health data of bearings in locations that may be difficult or dangerous to reach. This is very amazing technology.

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