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Industry 4.0 – Fully Automated Raw Material & End Products


Group Dafsa, company interproveedora of Mercadona, has invested 50 million euros during a new plant of production, processed and packaging which will build two-phase in terrains of the Polygon of the Hope, in Segorbe (Castellón). The setup of the factory, foreseen for the year 2014, will create 500 places of labor if they add the 300 direct and other 200 more indirect within the different service companies which will participate within the project.


The plant of production, processed and packaging multiproduct is going to be sustainable, in the energetic matter, and can characterize by its efficiency within the industrial gestión. In this way, Group Dafsa centralizes a part of the assembly during a factory situated during a plot of 60.000 m2. Within the adecuación of the ship will participate 40 SMEs of the world of the development, equipment, and facilities, which will give also work to 400 people, which is going to suppose a crucial impulse of dinamización of the zone within the transfuse of the work.

The new factory of Group Dafsa is going to be highly tecnificada to process and pack juices 100 by 100 squeezed, nectars, concentrated, fruit juices with milk, creams of all types, gazpachos, ajoblanco, salmorejo, and natural stocks, smoothies, and orgeats, although the plant also is going to be prepared to supply references of another type when it had been necessary. In one of the zones of the ship will install a plant of blending, that permits to understand all sorts of mixes with different ingredients. These blendings use within the manufacturing of combinations of juices with high value-added, fruit juices and vegetal, smoothies or soft drinks, between other applications.

In this regard, the overall director of Group Dafsa, José Luis Campillos, has ensured that, because of the support of Mercadona, the corporate has been ready to realize an investment that supposes a qualitative and quantitative jump decisive. “The setup of the new plant may be a milestone within the history of Group Dafsa because it goes us to permit be more efficient within the production and, especially, adapt us of optimum thanks to the forecasts of growth of Mercadona”, has explained Campillos. The overall director also has appreciated the support by a part of the town council of Segorbe within the processing and development of the project.

Industry 4.0: Fully Automated Raw Material & End Products Warehouse

By looking at the automation at DAFSA, one can imagine that it looks like science fiction.

Find a link to the YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yma0hCQ4bqA&list=PLbJ9jyGXruZdI9aMlprTZ20PY7zet1isZ&index=3 This video shows full automation in a company in Spain named DAFSA which manufactures fruit juices. The warehouse is fully automated and uses AI software technologies to store retrieve and operate the system in the most efficient way ~ amazing technology.

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