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Industry 4.0- Robotic Chef for Cooking In Restaurants


The industry 4.0 revolution has been changed the form of the world rapidly, During this post, I’m sharing a video of 1.5 Minutes. This video shows the robot technology being demonstrated at an IT exhibition in the USA. Repetitive jobs of cutting vegetables, breaking & mixing eggs, heating food, etc. are now possible with robots. In the next 2-3 years, this technology is googling to be commercially available to be installed in hotels & restaurant s where a high volume & great quantity of food is being processed.


In recent weeks, Globe render has checked out how it’s helping us in myriad ways-from cleaning hotel rooms to making computer game workouts in Machu Picchu. Now we are watching how robotic chefs are helping restaurants minimize human involvement within the cooking process. French company Pazzi claims to process invented the world’s first pizza-cooking process. The technology, which took seven years to develop, is now housed within the company’s first “Pazziria”, on the brink of  Disneyland Paris.

How does it work?

Diners pick their favorite ingredients on self-service consoles (or on their phone) and may then watch the robots making their pizza for a matter of minutes. The robotic arm won’t only spread on the sauce and put it within the oven, but slice and box it. What’s more, the dough is ready within the company’s workshop from flour by Thierry Graffagnino, a world-renowned pizza consultant, therefore the quality is top-notch.
Meanwhile, Creator, in San Francisco, claims to possess put”a healthy amount of obsession, experimentation, and love into creating an entire new quiet hamburger, one that’s never existed before”.Creator relies on what it calls”one of the foremost precise culinary tools on Earth” to make its burgers.
From the surface it’s sort of a factory’s production line, however, like the Pazzi, the choice is vital and diners can choose their ideal combination. The company claims to spend more on its ingredients than the other burger at their price point. And as long as prices start from just US$6.07, that’s pretty impressive. Burgers on the menu include the Presidio (horseradish, parsley and tarragon salsa verde aioli, Persian lime pepper, habanero salt, pickles, and tomato) and therefore the Mission Street Food Burger by Chef Anthony Myint (charred scallion garum, scallion mayo, dehydrated beef, pepitas, fried shallots, black sesame seeds, and pickles).
Another company, spyce, claims to be the primary restaurant within the world with a kitchen entirely traveled by robotic chefs who will cook complex meals. Based in Boston, Spyce was created by four MIT Graduates, while the menu is overseen by Daniel Boulud, the Michelin star chef. Although it’s closed for the nonce, the prep is completed by humans but it’s the robots that are front and center – cooking and serving up dishes. Boulud said: “I discovered that the robotic kitchen cloud brings precision, consistency, taste, and freshness to the preparation”.
Robotic chefs raplaving their human counterparts en bloc is unlikely any time soon. However, if these early adopters manage to nail it, you would possibly be having your dinner cooked by a robot before we think that.
Equally, robotic bartenders cloud become a more common sight in years to return. The Makr Shakr cocktail-making robot has already been installed within the ICE+FRIES bar in Reyjavik, Iceland, in partnership with high-end Nordic beverage company GlacierFire.
Mansoor Ahmed is Chemical Engineer, web developer, a writer currently living in Pakistan. My interests range from technology to web development. I am also interested in programming, writing, and reading.
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