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Industry 4.0-World’s Largest Capacity SSD


Nimbus Data is an American computer data storage software and Systems Company. It develops non-volatile storage solutions. Customers comprise eBay, Disney Animation Studios, Digital River, Raytheon, Citrix Systems, Lockheed Martin, WWE, and DreamWorks. The corporate was thought to possess deals with Apple Inc. and Thomson Reuters. The privately held company is headed by CEO and founder Thomas Isakovich.


The S-Class system was declared by Nimbus Data in April 2010. That is a multi-protocol all-flash array with up to 100 TB of solid-state storage supporting Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and InfiniBand networks.

In January 2012, Nimbus Data declared the E-Class system. It deals out of work controllers and up to 500 TB of solid-state storage. Each controller supports equivalent interfaces: Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and InfiniBand. Nimbus Data software senses controller and path failures provided that failover also as online software updates and online capacity expansion.

In August 2012, Nimbus Data publicized the Gemini system, with an available 10-year warranty. Gemini contains dual controllers for no single point of a letdown and non-disruptive software updates. The Gemini array helps 48 TB of capacity, 1 million IOps, 12 GB/s, and less than 0.1 ms latency during a 2U form factor. Expert standard results of over 4,032 real-time virtual desktop (VDI) users have been achieved on one Gemini system.

The Gemini F400 and F600 systems were announced by Nimbus Data in August 2013 with improved performance of up to 2 million read IOps at but 0.05 ms latency (4 KB block I/O rates). Nimbus Data’s HALO software, embedded in its non-volatile storage systems, handles both block storage (storage area network) and file systems (network-attached storage) by supporting several protocols. Data management structures consist of high provisioning, automatic capacity reclamation, encryption, replication, snapshots, inline deduplication, compression, and automatic self-healing capabilities.

In August 2016, Nimbus Data unveiled a replacement all-flash array platform called ExaFlash.

Nimbus Data launched in August 2017, ExaDrive, a software-defined multiprocessor SSD architecture. Nimbus Data launched the world’s highest capacity and the most energy-efficient solid-state drive in March 2018, the ExaDrive DC100, at 100 terabytes.

In May 2020, Nimbus Data unveiled a replacement solid-state storage-optimized OS called AFX. Nimbus Data AFX maintains over a dozen block, file, and object storage protocols on one platform. That is controlled with fine-grain QoS controls to optimize storage behavior for specific workloads. The company also announced a replacement all-flash storage array called ExaFlash One and a replacement support subscription program called Tectonic.

In August 2020, Nimbus Data launched the ExaDrive NL series SSD, the world’s highest capacity QLC flash SSD (at 64 TB), also because the world’s first QLC flash SAS SSD.

World’s Largest Capacity SSD

Nimbus 50 TB and 100 TB SSD (solid-state drives) are available in 3.5 * 2-inch form factor. The data read & write speeds are up to 460 megabits/second. Nimbus Data Corporation announced that the 100 TB SSD can store 20,000 HD movies.

A Single rack of this Nimbus DC100 SSD’s in a data center can reach over 100 petabytes of data storage capacity.

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