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Industry 4.0-Alstom Railway Engines & Wagons Plant


In today’s post, I’m sharing a YouTube video “Factory of the Future 2020: Alstom products (EN) – YouTube “This video shows amazing IT technologies & digital technologies being used by Alstom to manufacture railway engines & wagons. Such Industry 4.0 technologies are now a must requirement to compete with developed countries.


Alstom is a leading French multinational rolling stock manufacturer functioning globally in rail transport markets. It was founded in 1928. The company is active in the fields of passenger transportation, signaling, and locomotives, by means of products with the AGV, TGV, Eurostar, Avelia, and New Pendolino high-speed trains. Alstom products are also popular furthermore to suburban, regional, and metro trains, and Citadis trams. Alstom products deal with a complete range of equipment and services, from high-speed trains, metros, trams, and e-buses to integrated systems, customized services, infrastructure, and signaling and digital mobility solutions.

Role of Alstom

The role of Alstom is not merely to make available rolling stock, services, and maintenance but to provide mobility solutions to a world in deep transformation. Alstom products are in an outstanding position to outline tomorrow’s mobility: efficient, sustainable, and connected. Alstom products develop and markets fit in systems that transport the bearable grounds for the future of transportation. Alstom products are activated in three key business areas:

  • Rail transport
  • Power generation
  • Transmission

Rail Transport​

Alstom Transport develops and markets a detailed variety of systems, tools, and services in the railway industry. It is single of the world’s largest makers of high-speed trains including tramways and metros. Alstom products are one of the worldwide manufacturers of electrical and diesel trains, information systems, traction systems, power supply systems, and track work. The company similarly functions in the rail infrastructure market, planning, producing, and installing infrastructure for the rail system.

Alstom wins the largest railway contract in Denmark’s history.

Alstom Sverige

Power generation​

Alstom power accomplishments were together called Alstom Power Systems. These were involved the design, manufacturing, services, and supply of products and systems for the power generation sector and engineering markets. The group covered maximum energy sources, with gas, coal, and nuclear, hydro, wind. Power Systems in case mechanisms for power generation containing boilers, steam turbines, and gas turbines, wind turbines, generators, air quality control systems, checking and control systems for power plants, along with linked products. It had a singular focus on boilers and emissions control equipment.

Alstom Launches GT26

Alstom Grid​(Transmission)

A third business unit built on power transmission was formed in 2010 through the gaining of the transmission business of Areva SA. The division productions equipment for the whole chain of electrical power transmission, with ultra-high voltage transmission lines together AC and DC. Alstom products Grid has four leading businesses:

  • Electrical transmission system products
  • Power electric system
  • Automation
  • Service


Alstom’s advanced signaling solutions permit operators to safeguard the highest standards in safe, unified travel with urban and mainline solutions. Those encounter the detailed needs of each operation environment.

Alstom strategy

Their strategic plan entitled “Alstom in Motion” has a strong ambition to be the leading international innovative player for sustainable and smart mobility. They have set clear targets. By a focus on continued development, green and digital innovation, operational efficiency, and an agile, comprehensive and accountable corporate culture

Decarburization driving in the mobility sector

There is a serious need to decrease the environmental impact of transport because it accounts for nearly a third of worldwide energy consumption. This is one of the human deeds whose CO2 emissions carry on rising. Alstom products are dedicated to backup carbon neutrality in transport by building innovative, sustainable mobility solutions with a lower carbon footprint through vigorously contributing to the public debates on sustainable development policies.

Innovation and creativity by Alstom

Alstom provides an ecosystem of innovation and creativity. They promote open innovation, partnering with a number of universities, research centers, and start-ups. It has nurtured public and private research creativities similar to SystemX digital solutions for future transport services, Super Grid, new power change technologies, and Railenium, which are railway system technologies. They are as well involved in effectiveness clusters specializing in embedded systems and transport solutions for the future. Moreover, Alstom industrialized partnerships with varied stakeholders to make stronger its scope for innovation in line with its visionary approach. Ever since 2010, Alstom products has been a patron of Aster Capital, an enterprise capital fund in innovative technologies. Alstom generates a complete ecosystem with miscellaneous stakeholders devoted to innovation from end to end with this practical approach.

Alstom has organized a combined innovation process. That is open to all employees through all business lines and sites. This is designed to detect and cultivate the most talented ideas in line with the Group’s innovation strategy. The process is sustained by a network of local Innovation Champions spread from corner to corner all-natural features, selected and trained to rise innovation awareness and value formation at their sites. The innovation culture is extended all over the organization by training sessions, online webinars, and Alstom’s digital platform which is devoted to innovation.

All Alstom locations

  • Saint-Ouen (HQ) France. 48 Rue Albert Dhalenne.
  • New York, NY. The United States. 641 Lexington Ave 28th Floor.
  • Bir Mourad Raïs, Algeria. Said Hamdine.
  • IRAQ. Argentina. 7° floor, Av.
  • Macquarie Park. Australia. Level 4/16 Giffnock Ave.
  • Wien. Austria. Clemens-Holzmeister-Straße 4.
  • Baku. Azerbaijan.
  • Roma, Italy Via Momentana, 41
  • Dublin 22, Ireland, Red cow Lucas depot, Naas Rd, Redcow
  • Tehran, Iran (the Islamic Republic of).
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