IoT Hardware Source

IoT Hardware Source


Recently, there are many new IoT hardware devices and software applications that are already deployed and widely spared, a number of them are going to be mentioned within the following subsections. There are huge amounts of data centers like SAPs in today’s digital world. This type of giant and arranged data center comes with a high-tech building, security measures certificates, and cloud solutions of massive Data.


Another example is WSN where there are multiple sensors interacting together for collecting data stream and sending these data to the distributed or centralized system for store, process, and analytics. An example of WSN maybe a project in Chicago state called the Array of Things Project where they spread the WSN nodes everywhere in the town parts. This makes the town healthier, more livable, and more efficient. Some additional eight nodes are going to be deployed along Michigan Avenue in spring 2015. RFID Tags may be a short-range communication technology within a method of transmission data with unpowered tags by using radio communication signals. For instance, Electronic Fuel Delivery System (EFDS) in Hung Gong, powered by Empress TM2.4 GHz Active RFID. The EFDS was developed to assist oil companies to enhance energy consumption efficiency.

Another example of the RFID tags is that the E-invoices which are issued rather than paper invoices annually. The Ministry of Finance of Taiwan began to enhance environmental conditions on East Asia Island. Consistent with Taiwan Fiscal Information Agency, in 2013, the state was issuing quite 8 billion E-invoices during a year which is like 80,000 trees and three, 200 plenty of CO2 emissions. E-invoices issued by the Ministry of Finance of Taiwan was awarded the RFID Green Award by RFID Journal 2014 because it’s demonstrated the simplest use of RFID technology to

Improve the environment and increase recycling or enhance sustainability. Electronic invoice applies RFID technology and multi-devices to exchange paper invoices, significantly reducing unnecessary paper waste and CO2 emissions and revealing the key factor of winning the award. NFC tags may be a development technology of Rfid Tags with a brief range communication technology within two way transmission data in very short distances and unpowered tags by using radio communication that is widely commonly utilized in several applications and smart devices like smartphone, smart travel, smart home, smart security, smart door, smart posters, electronic payment, smart fitness key chains, business, and student cards, etc. Cloud computing may be a highly feasible technology and attracts an outsized number of researchers to develop it and check out to use it on Big Data problems. at the present, there are an enormous number of cloud computing storage devices like Google Cloud and Dropbox

The smart city is one of the foremost researched areas that supported the appliance of IoT data. The U.S. Miami-Dade County is one example. This project may be cooperation between Miami-Dade County in Florida and IBM company during which they closely connect 35 sorts of key county government departments and Miami City that reduces the water consumption by 20% and intelligent policing helping police departments reduce the time taken for officers to spot leads, investigate crimes and take away barriers to information sharing with other enforcement agencies. Smartphones are telephone hybrid with digital computing capabilities to permit users to interact worldwide with the latest technologies and techniques. Nowadays, mostly everyone features a touch screen smartphone that permits access to the web with all of its facilities. It’s predicted that by 2018, each smartphone is predicted to get 2 GB of knowledge monthly.

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