Fall Back Function in Solidity

Introduction The solidity fallback function is executed if no one of the opposite functions matches the function identifier. It is executed if no data was given the call. Just one unnamed function is frequently assigned to a contract. It’s executed whenever the contract receives plain Ether with no data. The fallback function must be marked payable to receive Ether and add it […]

What is Mesh WiFi Network?

Introduction In this era of technology, consumers are moving towards a newer topology well-known as a mesh network. This is happening to create a more attached smart home with more dependable communications. Mesh WiFi networks are sometimes mentioned as one pod per room. Mesh networking simply spreads wireless device ranges. It delivers reliable high data […]

Natural Language Processing Text Vectorization Approaches

Introduction It always needs to transform natural language either text or audio into numerical form for Natural Language Processing to work. Text vectorization approaches are very best choices for traditional machine learning algorithms. They can support converting text to numeric feature vectors. For this purpose, some techniques namely Bag of Words and td-idf vectorization are […]

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