Importance of Human Machine Interfaces

Introduction There is a huge importance of Human Machine Interfaces nowadays. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a leading trend with industrial and consumer products being linked through the internet. Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) are becoming more refined to operate these devices. In this article, we will understand what are Human Machine Interfaces and their […]

Pig and Python

Introduction Pig and Python are very widespread systems for executing complex Hadoop map-reduce-based data-flows. It enhances a layer of abstraction on top of Hadoop’s map-reduce mechanisms. That is with the intention of permitting developers to take a high-level view of the data and operations on that data. Pig enables us to do things more openly. […]

Elements of a Metaverse

Introduction Metaverse is the next evolution of digital technologies. It includes 3D virtualization and will transform digital technologies in the next 5-10 years. Elements of a Metaverse are considered very important related to industry 4.0. Metaverse will have numerous technologies comprising the below: Digital currency Online shopping Workplace automation Social media Digital Humans Natural Language […]

MapReduce with Python

Introduction MapReduce with Python is a programming model. It allows big volumes of data to be processed and created by dividing work into independent tasks. It further enables performing the tasks in parallel across a cluster of machines. The MapReduce programming style was stirred by the functional programming constructs map and reduce. Those are usually […]

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