ABB Ability LEAP Sensors


ABB Ability LEAP is a modern provider for studying the circumstance and predicted life of the stator winding insulation in HV automobiles and mills (≥ 5kV). The provider comprises:

  • Measurements within particular evolved LEAP equipment
  • Records evaluation with exceptional analytical equipment to become aware of, signify and quantify defects inside the insulation
  • Prediction of whilst the gadget’s nation may end up inclined or vital
  • Overall performance of the effects with optimized upkeep plans and suggestions
  • In addition to the above, the document offers recommendations on quick and long-time period upkeep movements, allowing clients to devise nicely earlier and keep away from steeply-priced emergency stops.

ABB Ability LEAP Sensors


ABB Ability LEAP system

Always one step beforehand ABB Ability LEAP detects capacity troubles within side the stator winding insulation nicely earlier than they end up vital and reason prolonged downtime. Accurate data from an unmarried web website online go to Testing and evaluations are achieved on an unmarried event and may be blended with everyday upkeep. This is a bonus as opposed to traditional strategies that require trending records from an entire collection of measurements earlier than they are able to offer beneficial output. Extended lifetime the effects are used to expect whilst the circumstance of the gadget becomes inclined or vital. Based on this, particular operation and provider movements may be deliberate nicely beforehand to keep away from untimely failure and growth the life of your automobiles and mills.

ABB LEAP technique Data collection

  • A set of measurements is achieved to gather working records, take a look at effects, and gadget data. Data evaluation
  • Data accrued is analyzed to become aware of the system of insulation degradation. Stress calculation
  • ABB Life Expectancy Analysis is achieved and elements and situations that have an effect on lifetime are identified.
  • Clear plans are drawn up for viability in addition to inspections, upkeep, replacements, or upgrades.

Importance of LEAP Analysis

ABB Ability LEAP will guide us to optimize upkeep through shifting from a time-primarily based totally to a circumstance-primarily based totally prioritization and making plans software. The effects of ABB Ability LEAP will assist clients to pick out movements and plan once they need to take place.

The main blessings for the patron are:

  • Early warning – offers ok time for upkeep making plans
  • Optimize upkeep making plans – allows you to transport from time-primarily based totally to circumstance-primarily based totally upkeep
  • Reduced value of ownership (COO) – helps efforts to increase the lifetime and thereby growth goes back on investment (ROI)
  • Better decision-making – helps decision-making on quick and long-time period upkeep and run/repair/retrofit/update options
  • Improved threat mitigation – minimizes unplanned downtime through decreasing threat levels
  • Comprehensive HV coverage – may be used for your whole HV fleet, which includes non-ABB automobiles and mills

Importance of LEAP Analysis


Output from ABB Ability LEAP

The output from ABB Ability LEAP is a document masking the effects and findings from the evaluation. Short and long-time period suggestions from ABB are glaringly precise in order that the patron may also have masses of time to devise for the compulsory upkeep or rewinding and replacement.

Output from ABB Ability LEAP


How can upkeep be scheduled with the use of ABB Ability LEAP?

ABB Ability LEAP enables us to set up a fingerprint with an unmarried event of measurements through the use of our particular evaluation algorithm. The parameters derived from this evaluation may be used for existence expectancy calculations after which are incorporated with the upkeep levels. Based on the ABB Ability LEAP document suggestions, clients can agenda quick or long-time period upkeep nicely earlier.

Advantages of ABB Ability LEAP

Traditional measurements study values inclusive of Insulation Resistance (IR), Polarization Index (PI), and Tan δ, while ABB Ability LEAP examines the factor of electricity factors of insulation. ABB Ability LEAP is a completely unique provider of software that mixes the evaluation of DC and AC measurements and characterizes and quantifies defects within side the insulation. Furthermore, ABB Ability LEAP will expect the final life of the stator winding insulation – key to long-time period upkeep plans.

Kind of automobiles or mills can LEAP measure

ABB Ability LEAP may be used on excessive voltage (>5kV) automobiles and mills irrespective of the manufacturer. For automobiles and mills under 5kV, ABB can provide Condition Assessment (without existence Expectancy) as an alternative.