Suzuki Motor as a Textile Loom Manufacturing Company


In 1909 Michio Suzuki based Suzuki Loom Works within side the small seacoast village of Hamamatsu, Japan. Suzuki constructed weaving looms for Japan’s enterprise for making silk fabric.

In 1929 Mr. Suzuki determined to design, engineer & produce a small vehicle for small streets in Japan. These first Suzuki motor motors have been powered via way of means of an innovative, liquid-coated, four-stroke, four-cylinder engine.


With the onset of World War II, manufacturing plans for Suzuki’s new motors have been halted whilst the authorities declared civilian passenger automobiles a “non-vital commodity.” At the belief of the war, Suzuki went lower back to generating looms. Loom manufacturing become given a lift whilst the U.S. authorities authorized the transport of cotton to Japan.

By that time, Japan becomes now no longer had the massive business strength that it’s far acknowledged today. The maximum vital export objects have been fabric and cloth. In 1926 the new-hooked-up Suzuki Loom Manufacturing Company began out to export looms to Southeast Asia and India. But the marketplace becomes quickly to be sated, the terrific looms from Suzuki lasted nearly for all time and the call for brand spanking new looms become getting progressively smaller. Suzuki began to take into account production different matters at the facet of the weaving machines.

There have been infrequently any producers of bikes or automobiles in Japan earlier than the Second World War. Soichiro Honda becomes to construct his first cycle motor in 1947. In Europe and America, there have been bike and vehicle industries for decades.

Suzuki Motor as a Textile Loom Manufacturing Company

The Otto motor have been patented in Germany in 1876 and the Einspur, Gottlieb Daimler’s first bike prototype become constructed in 1885. Robert Bosch added a low-anxiety magneto to the bike earlier than the top of the nineteenth century and by that point, Michio Suzuki become designing his first loom, European groups like Zedel (later NSU), Royal Enfield, Puch, Peugeot, Norton, and Husqvarna have been already generating bikes, in addition to Indian and Harley-Davidson in America. There have been already bike magazines and bike golf equipment prepared reliability trials in Europe. The first Isle of Man TT-race become was held in 1907,  years earlier than Michio Suzuki began his loom works.

eleven years earlier the Suzuki Loom Manufacturing Co become formally shaped in 1920, founder Michio Suzuki pioneered a brand new kind of fabric loom layout in 1909 after looking at his mom’s use of her labour extensive and primitive tools to weave material. Very early looms used a guide cotton thread loading tool (called travel) so Suzuki determined to layout his personal and, in summary, controlled to patent a far extra superior system that enabled weavers to paintings up to ten instances quicker and with lots much less fatigue too via way of means of making use of his car thread loading travel system.

Suzuki started out low extended production and shortly advanced robust call via way of means of promoting his patented layout to neighborhood people, the business enterprise grew hastily with a loom that clients ought to completely rely upon for reliability and simplicity of use.

Michio Suzuki additionally found out that whilst production looms for manufacturing of simple white cloth weavers wished for looms that would produce material with each vertical and horizontal stripes, so he advanced a completely unique tool able to weave patterned material from dyed yarn. Suzuki’s innovation represented the beginning of an uncompromising awareness of growing merchandise that meets people’s wishes and comprehends the new way of life possibilities.

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