About the Industry 4.0

About the Industry 4.0

About Us

Hello friends, well come to the enduring and emergent technologies of Industry 4.0. I’m developing this website to assist the young generation to easily study the fast-growing technologies. Here are the highlights of the fourth industrial revolution.

Industry 1.0

Start of the 1800s
Mechanical Production facilities powered by water and steam

Industry 2.0

Start of the 1900s
Mass production supported the division of labor and was powered by electricity

Industry 3.0

Start of the 1970s
Introduction of electronics and IT for further automation of production

Industry 4.0

2014 +
Production-supported cyber-physical systems.

About the Industry 4.0

Currently, we are passing through this rapidly growing stage of the commercial revolution. AI, Internet of Things, Blockchain, and cloud-native & mobile web computing. Everyone particularly the people of developing countries needs to come to the fore to find out these enduring technologies.


Admin: Mansoor Ahmed

The owner of the website” Emergent technologies of industry 4.0 ” has followed his passion to find out and share with the new generation about the newest technologies.


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