What is Control Flow in Rust?

 What is Control Flow in Rust?  Description A control flow is the order in which the piece of program is executed. In control flow we have following expressions: If expression Else expression Else if expression If Expression: If expression permits to branch your code to any condition. If the condition is true then the program … Read more

What are Rust Functions?

 What are Rust Functions? Description The “fn” keyword allows us to declare new functions. Rust code uses snake case because the conventional style for function and variable names.. All letters are lowercase and underscores separate the words in snake case. Example fn main() { println!(“Hello, world!”); another_function(); } fn another_function() { println!(“Another function.”); } Result: Hello, world Another … Read more

Data types in Rust

 Data types in Rust Description Every value in Rust has a unique data type. Rust automatically define primitive data type without explaining it explicitly. Rust surely a statically typed language, which describe that it must know the kinds of all variables at compile time. Data types in RUST: Scalar type A scalar type represents one … Read more

Kubernetes Readiness Probes

 Kubernetes Readiness Probes Description We understand that liveness probes and the way they assist keep our apps healthy by ensuring unhealthy containers are restarted automatically. Same like liveness probes, Kubernetes permit us to also define a readiness looked for our pod. The readiness probe is deployed periodically and examines whether the precise pod should receive … Read more

Rust Variables and Mutability

Rust Variables and Mutability   Variables The variables say to memory locations in system that holds a worth for that variable. This value are mostly changed during the execution of the program. The variables are only valid within the scope during which they’re declared. Types of Variable Mutable Variables: Variables whose value are often modified. … Read more

Python Dictionaries

What are Python Dictionaries?   Description The Python is high level computer programming language of machine learning, deep learning and data science. It is also multi-paradigm, an object-oriented and structured programming language. Python syntax and semantics are easily readable. In its formatting uses mostly English keywords where other languages use punctuation. Python Dictionaries In Python, … Read more

Kubernetes Liveness Probe

 Kubernetes Liveness Probe   Health Check One of the most benefits of using Kubernetes it keep our containers running somewhere within the cluster.But what if one among those containers dies? What if all containers of a pod die?If app containers crashes due to bug in your app, Kubernetes will restart your app container automatically.But what would say about those situations when your app … Read more