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what is kubernetes?

What is Kubernetes?

Description Kubernetes enables developers to deploy their applications themselves and as often as they need without acquiring any assistance from the operations(Ops) team. Kubernetes doesn’t benefit only developers it also helps the ops team by automatically monitoring and rescheduling those apps in the event of a hardware failure. Kubernetes abstract away the hardware infrastructure and exposes … Read more

Use bind mounts

Use bind mounts

What is Docker Engine? The Docker Engine is that the core software that runs and manages containers. we frequently ask it simply as Docker, or the Docker platform. The Docker Engine is modular in design with many swappable components. Where possible, these are supported open standards outlined by the Open Container Initiative (OCI). The Docker … Read more

Types of Container

 Types of container

What is a container? A container may be a run-time instance of a picture. a picture is an executable package that has everything needed to run an application. the code a run time Libraries environment variables and confirmation files Making a container using an image for any application is named containerization. Docker is widely wont to containerize our application. CONTAINERIZATION Containerization is increasingly … Read more

Benefits of Microservices

Microservices architecture A microservice architecture style is an approach to developing one application as a suite of small services. Each runs in its own process and communicates with lightweight mechanisms, often an HTTP resource API. Microservice do have a distinct advantage: Better Organization Microservice architecture is typically better organized Each microservice features a really specific … Read more

Agile Development

Description Agile software development may be a practices approach for developing applications.Agile methodology is described as an “iterative” and “incremental” approach. The term agile management is applied to an iterative, incremental method of managing the planning and build activities of engineering, information technology, and other business areas that aim to supply the new product or service development during a highly flexible and … Read more

Types of cloud

What is the cloud? A single line cloud is often described as a “communication network”. The word “cloud” often refers to the web, and more precisely to some data center filled with services that are connected to the web. A cloud is often a good area network(WAN) just like the public internet or a personal, national, or global network. The term also can ask for … Read more

AI Strategy

AI Strategy

Some common ways to use AI For developing an AI strategy always remember some common ways to use Developing more intelligent products Developing more intelligent services Making business processes smarter Automating repetitive business tasks Automating manufacturing processes  Startup the AI strategy Leverage AI to make a plus specific to your company A design strategy that … Read more