Automated Machine Learning

Introduction Automated machine learning is the practice of automating the inefficient, iterative jobs of machine learning model development. It is also stated as automated ML or AutoML. It permits data scientists, specialists, and developers to construct ML models with great scale, competence, and productivity all while filling model quality. Old-style machine learning model development is […]

Amazon SageMaker

Introduction Amazon SageMaker helps data scientists and inventors to prepare, make, train, and deploy high- quality machine learning models by bringing together a broad set of capabilities purpose- erected for machine learning. Amazon SageMaker make available a set of solutions for the most common use cases that may be deployed readily with just a few […]

AI Research SuperCluster

Introduction Meta is building a gigantic supercomputer called AI Research SuperCluster to train artificial intelligence models. Meta claims that it would be the fastest Super Computer in the world when it’s completely prepared in mid-2022. Meta said it will have 16,000 GPU’s (graphical processors) – and will be capable of five exaflops of computing performance […]

AI In The Digital Factories

Introduction AI technologies are fast making their way into digital factories.  They are creating short work of solutions in the manufacturing industry. Its best example is the recognition of designs and associations. Those are based on unstructured data, for instance, images, videos, and sound, in mixture with structured data from the machines in question. This […]

Speech Recognition Transformation

Introduction Voice technology has reached maturity. The quality of speech recognition surpassed 95 percent accuracy in 2020. That is the same quality as normal communication between human beings. And the influence is now being felt. The modern Microsoft Windows update vigorously pushes its voice feature – a mechanism that allows the user to dictate messages […]

Hydrocarbon removal from Natural Gas

Introduction Natural gas come about in underground reservoirs distinctly or in link with crude oil. The leading types of hydrocarbons produced from natural gas. They are methane (CH4) and varying amounts of higher-molecular-weight hydrocarbons. Those are included from ethane (CH3CH3) to octane [CH3(CH2)6CH3]. Natural gas is mainly a combination of combustible hydrocarbons. Many natural gases […]

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