What is Ethereum ?

From a computing perspective Ethereum may be a deterministic but practically unbounded state machine, consisting of a globally accessible singleton state and a virtual machine that applies changes thereto state. From a computer practical perspective Ethereum is an open-source, globally decentralized computing infrastructure that executes programs called smart contracts. It uses a blockchain to synchronize and store the system’s […]

Merkle Tree: Efficient verification

Introduction A Merkle Tree allows computers on a network to verify individual records without having to review and compare versions of the whole database. They do so by using cryptography that reveals a private record while also guaranteeing that each one of the opposite records within the database hasn’t been changed. First patented in 1979 by Ralph Markle. Markle Trees are an important […]

A Private key Generates a Public Key

What is a Block chain? In order to properly understand block chain, there are some key core concepts students should be conversant in. These key concepts include security, trust less-ness, decentralization, distributed ledgers, group consensus, and immutability. during this section, and throughout this study guide, these topics are going to be presented and analyzed. so as to completely understand these key concepts […]

Private Keys

Key concepts about blockchain HashingPublic key encryptionMiningHashing.One way encryptionA hash function takes some input data and creates some output dataTo expand on this concept, a hash function takes on the input of any length and creates an output of fixed length.It takes an input string and created a string of random letters and numbers “a0680c4n2p04bc744ce1067712b”This is mentioned because of the […]

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