How does IoT work with Blockchain?

Introduction IoT allows devices across the web to send data to non-public blockchain networks to make tamper-resistant records of shared transactions. Blockchain has been long touted because the perfect technological complement to IoT systems. IoT with blockchain may take real reliance on captured data. The underlying idea is to offer devices, at the time of […]

The Internet of Things in Transportation

Introduction The Internet Of Things In Transportation has become very composite over the last many years. They’re embedded using computers and expensive technology, which helps not only in driving but in maintenance too. Currently, cars transfer vibrant data over the air back to the dealership, allowing them to know when things need repair or updating. […]

Industry 4-0 IoT in the Manufacturing Sector

Introduction Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) is identified to be a sub-class of the Internet of Things (IoT). It practices a data-driven method to drive competence into the industries. It is a sole concept that comprises embedded sensors, cloud-based data, and interconnected devices to make sure healthier industrial performance. Industry 4-0 IoT in the Manufacturing […]

IoT Software Source

Introduction Today, Internet technology allows the communication of just about all kinds of devices, like sensors or maybe appliances. We, normally speaking need operating systems, protocols, applications, and platforms to assist these structures. This can be briefly described during this post to satisfy the wants needed for every specific problem. IoT Operating Systems Windows Developer […]

Healthcare Applications using internet of Things

An ingestible sensor for measuring medication adherence An ingestible sensor or smart pill is one of the newest applications of IoT in healthcare. By using this technology the medication ingestion and adherence patterns of a patient and other useful health metrics are often measured. Nonadherence with medication may be a very complex and multidimensional healthcare […]

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