An Internet of Healthcare Things

Introduction The Internet of Healthcare Things, (IoHT) may be a concept that describes exclusively identifiable devices connected to the web and ready to communicate with one another, utilized in the medical area. These solutions enable, for instance, localization and real-time information about assets. Remote or automatic management of resources is feasible too. This takes not […]

IoT in the Business World

Introduction There is no doubt that the rapid rise of IoT is more than just a digital disruption that impacts businesses of all sizes. In fact, IoT presents numerous opportunities for organizations to enhance total efficiencies, serve customers better, enter new markets, and even build new business models. How if something involves processing and transmission, […]

IoT Hardware Source

Introduction Recently, there are many new IoT hardware devices and software applications that are already deployed and widely spared, a number of them are going to be mentioned within the following subsections. There are huge amounts of data centers like SAPs in today’s digital world. This type of giant and arranged data center comes with […]

Microcontroller in Depth

What Is a Microcontroller? MCU in simplest means are Integrated Circuit (IC) MCU is a system on chip (SOC); a chip consists of several components. We’ll discuss these components MCUs are designed for embedded applications Microcontroller Components Basically, a microcontroller comprises one or more following components: The central processing unit (CPU) Random Access Memory)(RAM) Read-Only […]

What Are Registers in embedded Rust?

Introduction  Registers are types of computer memory. They reside near to CPU and are used immediately by the CPU. Can hold data (bits of sequence), storage address (pointers), or instructions. Registers holding the memory location are used to calculate the address of the next instruction. In terms of MCU’s registers are special memory regions These […]

What is Wearable Technology?

Introduction The IoT has the potential to be a huge player in the consumer wearables space. With the expected massive growth in adoption rates in the next few years, consumers will increasingly be attached to the IoT with at least one, if not more, devices. However, this increased usage may be tempered by user disappointment […]

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