Python Image Handling Libraries

Introduction Image Processing is the process of analyzing and controlling a digital image first and foremost aimed at improving its quality or for takeout some information from it which could then be put to some use. Common tasks in image processing comprise; Showing images Basic manipulations similar to cropping, flipping, rotating etc. Image Splitting up … Read more

Rust Refactoring to enhance Modularity

Introduction Producing reliable system software is challenging. Pointer manipulation, mutable heap data, and concurrency are typically employed to realize high performance, but cause subtle bugs that are notoriously difficult to uncover and reproduce. The Rust programing language resolves this problem by preventing some errors statically through its type system, which associates an exclusive capability with each mutable … Read more

Python Matplotlib Package for Data Visualization

Introduction Data Visualization may be a significant a part of business activities as organizations today gather a huge amount of knowledge. Devices everywhere the world are collecting climate data, user data from side to side clicks, car data for prediction of steering wheels etc. All of those data gathered hold important visions for businesses and … Read more

JavaScript Jasmine a strong Unit Testing Framework

Introduction Jasmine may be a powerful JavaScript unit testing framework. It arranges for a clean mechanism for testing synchronous and asynchronous JavaScript code. Jasmine is a behavior-driven development framework that offers descriptive test cases that focus more on the business value than on the technical details. Because  it’s written during a simple tongue , Jasmine … Read more

Apple iPhone Apps & Data Center Technology

Apple Iphone 13

Introduction Each mobile telephone can now connect to the data center & do 95 % processing in the data center ~ only due to the following technologies available in last 5 years: High Bandwidth in 3G & 4G to enable fast processing in real time 5G will take data transfer speeds to 100 megabits per … Read more

Machine Learning Model Development Life Cycle

Introduction Machine learning is a best way of knowledge analysis that automates analytical model building. It’s a branch of AI supported the thought that systems can learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention. Machine learning involves computers discovering how they will perform tasks without being explicitly programmed to try to to so. It involves computers learning from data provided in order … Read more

How to Use the PowerLoom APIs in Java Programs?

Introduction PowerLoom is meant to be an expressive language for knowledge representation and reasoning. As a result, PowerLoom isn’t an entire reasoning system but makes tradeoffs for completeness of inferences and expressivity versus computational efficiency. It’s very interesting to notice that Loom and PowerLoom were designed and implemented to unravel world problems and therefore the … Read more