What Are Containers in Linux?

What Are Linux Containers?

Fresh containers started in the Linux world. They are the product of a huge amount of work from an extensive range of people over a long period of time. Google Inc. is just its one instance. It has backed numerous container-related technologies to the Linux kernel. We will not have current containers today deprived of these, and other contributions.

Importance of Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE)

Importance of Linear Low Density Polyethylene

Introduction Importance of Linear Low Density Polyethylene. It is synthetic by copolymerization of ethylene with longer-chain olefins. LLDPE is mass-produced at lower temperatures and pressures. The process of production is used as of copolymerization of ethylene and butene, hexene, or octene. It is very flexible & can be used to make thinner films than HDPE … Read more

JavaScript YUI Test Framework

JavaScript YUI Test Framework

Introduction JavaScript YUI Test Framework is one of the greatest standard JavaScript unit testing frameworks. It is a share of the Yahoo! User Interface (YUI). It may be used to test any independent JavaScript code. That does not practice the YUI library. YUI Test delivers a simple syntax for creating JavaScript test cases. Those may … Read more

What is JAMstack?


Introduction Jamstack, formerly formalized as JAMStack. It stances for JavaScript, API and Markup. That was created by a static site generator. It was first thought up by Mathias Biilmann, CEO of Netlify in 2015. The application logic characteristically be present in on the client-side in Jamstack websites. For instance, embedded e-commerce counter that relates with … Read more

Importance of Apollo GraphQL Platform

Importance of Apollo GraphQL Platform

Introduction Importance of Apollo GraphQL Platform getting used to create APIs. When it involves clients consuming these APIs, there are a set of tools available to form this process smoother. This is a unique command language that structures a reference application in JavaScript, and Apollo shapes its ecosystem on top to form GraphQL available for … Read more

The Web Ontology Language (WOL)

The Web Ontology Language

Introduction The Web Ontology Language is a group of data languages for writing ontologies. Ontologies describe taxonomies and classification networks properly. Basically they define the structure of data for various domains. Those include the nouns representing classes of objects and therefore the verbs representing relations between the objects. Ontologies look like class hierarchies in object-oriented … Read more

Healthcare Applications using internet of Things

¬†Healthcare Applications using Internet of Things   An ingestible sensor for measuring medication adherence An ingestible sensor or smart pill is one of the newest applications of IoT in healthcare. By using this technology the medication ingestion and adherence patterns of a patient and other useful health metrics are often measured. Nonadherence with medication may … Read more