Python Range Function

Defining Functions in Python We begin a function definition with the def keyword, followed by the name we might wish to offer our function.  We have the parameters after the name, also called arguments, for the function enclosed in parentheses.  A function may have no parameters, or it can have multiple parameters.  Parameters permit us to […]

What are Ethereum Tokens?

Currency tokens Currency tokens released by a company sometimes ceased to be mere “trade” tokens when they were sanctioned by a local government authority: perhaps due to a severe shortage of money to issue its own coinage. Actually, the organization behind the tokens became the regional bank. The best example of this is the Strachan […]

What are Ethereum smart contracts?

What is a Smart Contract? computer virus Immutable Deterministic EVM context Decentralized World Computer Nick Szabo was a Cryptographer who coined the phrase in 1991 and defined it as “a set of promises, specified in digital form, including protocols within which the parties perform on the opposite promises”. Ethereum smart contracts Ethereum’s smart contracts are […]

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