RESTful Web Services

Introduction RESTful Web Services follow the REST architectural style. REST defines any simple interface. That transmits data through a standardized interface. It transmits data without an extra messaging layer. For example, Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). REST gives a set of design rules for creating stateless services. Those are looked at as resources. Each resource […]

Tokio Application in Rust

Introduction Tokio application in rust is an asynchronous runtime and network application framework. This is developed for fast development and highly scalable deployments of clients and servers in the Rust programming language. It offers the building blocks required for writing network applications. It provides the flexibility to target a wide range of systems. Those systems […]

Encoder-Decoder Sequence-to-Sequence Models

Introduction Encoder-Decoder Sequence-to-Sequence Models are famous for diverse tasks. These models are a distinctive class of Recurrent Neural Network architectures. We often use them to solve complex Language problems. For example; Machine translation Video captioning Image captioning Question answering Creating Chatbots Text Summarization In this article, we will discuss how an RNN can be trained […]

How IoT is Changing Our Lives?

Introduction Internet of Things is changing our lives intensively in this ongoing Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Internet of Things may comprise very nearly anything like smartphones, heart monitors, livestock trackers. Even the jet engine of an airplane. IoT devices will have an important impact on several aspects of our lives. Those include how we live, […]

File Handling in Python

Introduction File handling in Python enables users to read and write files, besides various other file handling options. There is nothing required for importing an external library to read and write files in Python. It makes available an inbuilt function for creating, writing, and reading files. The idea of file controlling has extended over diverse […]

Emerson App for Liquid Storage Tanks

Introduction Emerson App for Liquid Storage Tanks Data is the world’s first cross-platform inventory management software. This application is for tank gauging systems. It makes available instant safe access to critical tank data. It makes real-time data presented to a broader range of stakeholders. That data makes available through smartphones, tablets, and computers. This easy-to-use […]

Parallelization in Python

Introduction Parallelization in Python enables the developer to run several parts of a program at the same time. It is intended to decrease the complete processing time. The multiprocessing module is used to run free parallel processes. Those are run by using sub-processes in place of threads. It permits us to influence multiple processors on […]

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