Multi-task Learning

Introduction Multi-task learning is the sub-branch of machine learning. In which, many learning tasks are resolved together using commonalities and changes through tasks. When related to training the models alone, this may outcome in enhanced learning effectiveness and estimate correctness for the task-specific models. Multitask Learning is a method of inductive transfer. It enhances generalization […]

The Gartner 2022 Technology Trends

Introduction Gartner presents every year their list of top strategic technology trends. Gartner thinks these technology trends perform as force multipliers of digital business. That will prove to be an innovation over the next three to five years. These technology trends are critical to business. They must speed up the adoption of digital business. They […]

Apple Watch 6 Back Side

Introduction Apple Watch 6 is a wonderful production of Apple Company. This is a great contribution to the ongoing wave of industry 4.0. In this article, we will be acquainted with the amazing and interesting Apple Watch 6 Back Side. This is 2021 technology. Apple watch has 8 sensors on its backside that are touching […]

AI In The Digital Factories

Introduction AI technologies are fast making their way into digital factories. ¬†They are creating short work of solutions in the manufacturing industry. Its best example is the recognition of designs and associations. Those are based on unstructured data, for instance, images, videos, and sound, in mixture with structured data from the machines in question. This […]

Introduction Of Redux Toolkit

Introduction Redux Toolkit is a dogmatic, sequences-included toolset for well-organized redux development. Redux has developed a valued asset for handling a global React state. It was shaped to support address three common concerns about Redux: Configuring a Redux store is as well complex. Addition of many packages to acquire Redux to do anything useful. Redux […]

IoT Sensors In Plant Maintenance

Introduction The internet of things (IoT) is the interconnection of routine devices to the internet. The IoT concept is so large. It has been termed as the fourth industrial revolution or industry 4.0 after steam, mass production, and the internet. In this article, we will understand that how IoT sensors will give real-time data to […]

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