Industry 4.0 and Kodak

Industry 4.0 and Kodak

In 1985 Kodak had 90 percent market share of global camera film and 80 percent market share of film based cameras. These photographs show Kodak invented the digital camera – in 1975 Kodak digital camera used a TDK cassette to record digital images and then play those images on a black & white TV.

Industry 4.0-The Artificially Innervated Smart Foam

The Artificially Innervated Smart Foam

Introduction Singapore scientists have developed a The Artificially Innervated Smart Foam material that permits robots to sense neighboring objects. This too allows robots to repairs itself when damaged, just like human skin. The researchers filled the material with microscopic metal particles and added minute electrodes beneath the surface of the foam to repeat the human … Read more

Industry 4.0 – Smallest Petrol Engine

Smallest Petrol Engine

Introduction Research engineers at the University of Birmingham U.K have built the smallest petrol engine – tiny enough to power a wristwatch. The micro engine can runs for two years on a single drop of liquid fuel – which may revolutionize electrical technology. It produces 700 times more energy than a conventional battery despite being … Read more

Industry 4.0 – Satellites in Space

 Industry 4.0 – Satellites in Space Introduction A satellite is an object that has been purposefully placed into orbit. These objects are named artificial satellites to differentiate them from natural satellites for example Earth’s Moon. The Soviet Union propelled the world’s first artificial satellite, Sputnik 1 on 4 October 1957. From the time about 8,900 … Read more

Industry 4.0 – Largest Battery Storage Plant in the World

 Industry 4.0 – Largest Battery Storage Plant in the World   Introduction A battery storage power station is a form of energy storage power station that practices a collection of batteries to store electrical energy. Battery storage is the firmest replying source of power on grids. It is used to calm down grids. Battery storage … Read more