Literals And Integers in Solidity

Literals Solidity gives the usage of literal for assignments to variables. Literals don’t have names; they’re the values themselves. Variables can change their values during program execution, but a literal remains an equivalent value throughout. Take a glance at the subsequent samples of various literals: Ilustrations of integer literals are 1, 10, 1,000, -1, and -100. Examples of string literals are “Ritesh” and ‘Modi’. String literals are […]

Solidity Exception And Error Handling

Introduction Writing contracts is that the fundamental purpose of Solidity. However, writing a contract demands sound error and exception handling. Errors and exceptions are the norms in programming and Solidity provides ample infrastructure for managing both. Writing robust contracts with proper error and exception management is one of the highest best practices. Events are another important construct in Solidity. […]

What Are Solidity Expressions?

Introduction A programming language has an important aspect of taking decisions in code. Solidity delivers the if…else and switch statements to execute different instructions based on circumstances. This is too significant to loop through multiple items. Solidity provides different constructs such as for loops and while statements. Solidity expressions A statement, comprising multiple operands and […]

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