The Byte Data Type in Solidity

The Byte Data Type in Solidity Introduction In Solidity programming the type of each variable whichever that is a state or local variable needs to be specified. Solidity delivers many elementary types that can be linked to make complex types. The types may relate to each other in languages covering operators. A data type permits … Read more

How to Build a Smart Contract with Solidity?

Smart Contract with Solidity

Introduction Solidity smart contract was created by Dr. Gavin Wood as a language explicitly for writing smart contracts with features to directly support execution within the decentralized environment of the Ethereum world computer. The resulting attributes are quite general, then it’s ended up getting used for coding smart contracts on several other blockchain platforms. It … Read more

Debugging in Solidity

 Debugging in Solidity   Introduction Debugging is a crucial exercise when authoring Solidity smart contracts. Debugging denotes finding issues, bugs, and removing them by changing code. It’s very difficult to debug a sensible contract if there’s adequate support from tools and utilities. Generally, debugging involves executing each line of code step by step, finding the … Read more