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How IoT is Changing Our Lives?

How IoT Is Changing Our Lives?

Introduction Internet of Things is changing our lives intensively in this ongoing Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Internet of Things may comprise very nearly anything like smartphones, heart monitors, livestock trackers. Even the jet engine of an airplane. IoT devices will have an important impact on several aspects of our lives. Those include how we live, … Read more

what is kubernetes?

What is Kubernetes?

Description Kubernetes enables developers to deploy their applications themselves and as often as they need without acquiring any assistance from the operations(Ops) team. Kubernetes doesn’t benefit only developers it also helps the ops team by automatically monitoring and rescheduling those apps in┬áthe event of a hardware failure. Kubernetes abstract away the hardware infrastructure and exposes … Read more

Use bind mounts

Use bind mounts

What is Docker Engine? The Docker Engine is that the core software that runs and manages containers. we frequently ask it simply as Docker, or the Docker platform. The Docker Engine is modular in design with many swappable components. Where possible, these are supported open standards outlined by the Open Container Initiative (OCI). The Docker … Read more